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12 years ago was born a fantastic idea to organize a Children's Festival of Culture and Arts «Little Miss World». Each of the countries of our planet has significant cultural heritage. That’s why we decided to unite the diversity and beauty of every corner of our Planet. After all, children are able to touch the deepest strings of our hearts. Their talent conquers and disarms, gives joy and delight.

I believe that every little princess is worth to receive the crown of the festival. But the winner of the title «Little Miss World» not only has talent, she is good mannered, elegant, charismatic, with a bright look to the future.

Winners of the Festival Little Miss World 2000 – 2011 are our pride!

Founder and president

Of Little Miss World festival

Natalya Kovalyova







“Little Miss World 2016”

Little Miss World 2016

Hayumi Yamashita, Brazil

“Little Miss World 2015”

Little Miss World 2015

Ali Akmeir, Kazakhstan

“Little Miss World 2014”

Little Miss World 2014

Kya Durrant, USA

“Little Miss World 2013”

Little Miss World  2013

Elizaveta Suleimanova , Tatarstan

Little Miss Eco-World 2013

Anastasiia Kyrychok,   Ukraine

Mini Miss World 2013

Daria Galaktionova, Russia

Teen Miss World 2013

Ralitsa Vladimirova Hristova, Bulgaria

Little Miss Talent of the World 2013

Diana Islamova, Tatarstan


“Little Miss Continents 2013”

Teen Miss Continents 2013

Aleksandra Malina , Tatarstan

Little Miss Continents 2013

Anna Poyarkova, Crimea

“Little Miss Europe-Slavyanka 2013”

Little Miss Europe 2013

Dinara Ivanova, Russia

Mini Miss Europe 2013

Annija Sharko, Latvia

Teen Miss Europe 2013

Usmanova Elina, Tatarstan

Little Miss Talent Grand-Prix 2013

Bella Bagautdinova, Tatarstan

Little Miss Slavyanka 2013

Diana Bobrivets,  Ukraine

Mini Miss Slavyanka 2013

Viktoriya Kondrahina, Russia



Teen Miss World 2012 Maskey Supriya, Nepal






Little Miss World Sofia Kutsenko, Ukraine

Little Miss Eco World Neli Solakova, Bulgaria

Little Miss Talent of the World Imekhenova Sofya, Russia

Mini Miss World Veronika Ustimova, Russia

Teen Miss Europe Cheripova Amina

Mangistau, KZ

Little Miss Europe Ryndya Anastasiia, Ukraine

Mini Miss Europe Lukinych Kamilla, Ukraine

Teen Miss Continents Radiuk Elizaveta, Russia


Little Miss World 2011
Bipaswi Poudyal , Nepal


The winners of the 2011 festival with the festival cake


The winners of the 2010 festival with the festival cake

Ana_Paula-_Teen_2011 Teen Miss World 2011
Ana Paula Batista, Brazil











Mini Miss World 2011
Dzesika Roberta Larka , Latvia


Little Miss World 2010 Kayleigh Victor and president of the festival Natalya Kovalyova


Teen Miss World 2010
Elena Mehanoshina , Ukraine


Mini Miss World 2010
Diana Bilyalova , Tatarstan


The winners of the festival Little Miss World 2009

Little Miss World 2009 – Anastasiia Tkach with Little Miss Continents 2009 – Sofiya Pavlenko



Little Miss World 2008

Alexandra Tarabykina


Little Miss World 2007
Micaela Van Der Merwe, 8 years old, South Africa

Mini Miss World 2007

Rakhat Azyrbolova, 6 years old, Kazakhstan

The winners of the festival Little Miss World 2007 with President of the festival Natalya Kovalyova

President of the festival Natalya Kovalyova with winners of 2006.


Little Miss World 2006
Marina Golde Halili 11 years old (Albania)

Mini Miss World 2006

Mo Yu Xin 7 years old (China)

Teen Miss World 2006
Antonia Zaprianova, 11 years old (Bulgaria)


The winners of the 5th International children festival “Little Miss World 2005”


Little Miss World 2005

Valeria Yashechkina, 9 years old, Russia

Mini Miss World 2005

Kyunnei Kardashevskaya, 8 years, Yakutia

Teen Miss World 2005

Ivanna Lupu, 12 years, Ukraine


Little Miss World 2004
Marijana Leontijevic, Serbia & Montenegro

Mini-Miss World 2004

Alia Bourgamova, Tatarstan

Teen-Miss World 2004
Viktoriya Orel, Ukraine


"Little Miss World 2000"
Lucia Dvorska

"Little Miss World 2001"
Franceska Zammit Malta

"Little Miss World 2003"
Anna Barikova , Ukraine

"Teen Miss World 2003"
Yan Er Kin, China
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