Golden Laurel Olympiad




Venue: Antalya, Turkey

Dates: 27.09-3.10, 2015

Participants: girls and boys from 5 till 16 years old (soloist, duets, trio, groups)

In 2015, sunny Turkey will host the unique Children Performing Arts Olympiad "Golden Laurel".

The tradition of the Olympiad, which was originated in ancient Greece, will be reborn in a new way. Annually children from around the world gather in order to show their talents in various areas of performing arts, to build strong ties of friendship, learn about the cultural heritage of Turkey and share the traditions and culture of their home countries.

More than 200 participants from 25 countries will come toTurkey in 2015.

Participants are represented in the following categories:

  • vocals (soloists, duets, and vocal group),
  • choreography (modern choreography, ballet, sports and ballroom choreography, folk dance,
  • original genre (gymnastics, acrobatics, circus genre, and rhetoric),
  • fashion & modeling – Fashion Theatres

The participants of the «Golden Laurel» and the stars will present the spectacular and unforgettable show of the best talents shows of the Olympiad!

The awards ceremony will become the memorable culmination of the Olympiad with medals awarding and winners' coronation with «Golden Laurel crowns»!

For participation and cooperation please mail us to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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